First try at Pork Pies

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First try at Pork Pies Empty Pork Pies - yummy

Post  spicey lady on Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:39 pm

Thanks for the recipe John Sounds fantastic - makes the mouth water. Very Happy
I would suggest to save time get some Designa sausage Pork Gelatine powder - so easy and tastes great

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First try at Pork Pies Empty First try at Pork Pies

Post  John Lovett on Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:24 am

Had my first try at pork pies over the weekend, I used hot water pastry for the pie shell, the filling was 450 gm shoulder pork chopped very small 250 grams of home cured bacon again cut very small 1 table spoon Pepper exotica 1 table spoon Linconshire spice, 2 table spoons worchester source pinch of salt, place 2 3rds of the pastry in to 4" foil dishes, put the filling in use the other pastry rolled out for the lids, remember a hole for the steam, cooked at 200 deg for 1/2 hour, remove from foil and cook for about 1 hour standing on the tray, it makes the pastry crispy! boil together 1 trotter and I used about a 1llb of rib bones ( pork) for 3 hours with onion salt and pepper strain on completion, this will be the jelly, when the pies are cooked leave to cool ( I left over night) then heat the jelly and inject it through the steam hole, leave to cool, and you will have a fine pork pie!! I cheated with the pastry as I cant find Lard here in Korea so used a mixture of butter and cooking oil, I didnt measure them! I just went by feel with the liquid!! I had made more then needed but if you add it slowly it should work for you, You should get about 3-4 pies from the amount of filling,

Good luck, John

John Lovett

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