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Low carb sausage  Empty Low Carb Sausage

Post  spicey lady on Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:37 pm

In order to get a low carb sausage - the breadcrumbs (rusk) need to be avoided or replaced by Quinoa. The important ingredient is the Natural Stabiliser which will help to firm the sausage and retain the flavours. Designasausage.com do a Connoisseurs Kit which contains Spice mixes, a recipe booklet with low carb sausage recipes as well as a lot of other recipes, Dry Beef casing and the Natural Stabiliser for 19-99 - so you will only need meat and water to make the sausages.

Click on this link http://www.designasausage.com/pages/prods.asp?catid=1&subcatid=2


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Low carb sausage  Empty Low carb sausage

Post  magicaldebs on Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:49 pm

Hi Folks
I am very new to sausage making, my daughter has bought me a Sausage making attachment to my Kenwood Chef and I'm dying to get going. I am Diabetic and on a very low carb, Atkins style diet which keeps my Blood Sugars under control. Carbs, such as bread crumbs added to the sausage filling could push up my Blood Sugars. High fat and high protein are fine. flower
Any ideas about a low carb filling?
Debs flower


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